Vendor Advocacy

What is Vendor Advocacy?

Essentially a Vendor Advocate works for you in that they provide recommendations and advice regarding the best options for selling options for you within your area, including agencies they feel can provide the best fit and service for your needs. A vendor advocate will research the various agencies, their presence, selling strategies, marketing plan, and fees for selling your property.

A vendor advocate essentially “screens” all possible options within the market and then presents you with a short list of best-fit agencies.

What does Vendor Advocacy cost?

Vendor advocacy is FREE for any seller, as the vendor receives a payment from the successful agency upon the sale of your property. As the vendor advocate receives a payment only upon the successful selling of your property, they work for you, as your success is their success.

Vogue real estate prides itself on their customer centric focus on success, we cannot succeed without customers being absolutely elated with the results we bring them. Now able to be a vendor advocate Vogue brings that same customer focus and satisfaction focus to the process, ensuring if they are unable to provide what you seek, they can refer to someone who is the best match for you.

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