1. Lack of communication from their current Property Manager 2. The Agent has allowed rent payments to fall behind 3. Lease has lapsed onto a Periodic Tenancy without the Landlords authority 4. Not sure when the last routine inspection was held 5. Surprises in their monthly statement (unauthorised extra charges)

Have you changed Property managers / real estate agents?  if so why?  Love to hear your reasons……

How often will Vogue Real Estate Australia carry out inspections?

As a rule of thumb, we’ll inspect a property every 3 months. So if you’re on a 6-month lease, you’ll likely have one inspection, and if you signed a 12-month lease, expect three inspections. In every case, we’ll give you 7 days written notice advising you when we’ll inspect, and give you a 2-hour time-frame of when we’ll enter. You can choose to be there, but it’s not necessary. Read More