Consumers of services beware!   Everyday all types of businesses are giving sales pitches to try and get your business.  Sometimes the sales pitches are genuine and sometimes you know they are so way out but they can be good entertainment value.   The problem is when a sales pitch seems so genuine and you accept it in good faith and you don’t find out it’s a lie until you’ve paid the $ and not got what you were promised. Read More

As a tenant or landlord, you should be familiar with the rules about who bears the responsibility for maintenance and repairs of your rental property. These rules can seem quite complicated as the responsibility changes hands depending on the type of damage. The general rules are contained within the Residential Tenancy Agreement, which distinguishes between three main types of damage: maintenance, urgent repairs, and non-urgent repairs. Also, as a landlord, you may be wondering what responsibilities belong to you versus your property manager. This article will give you a quick and thorough summary of the rules so you have a good understanding of your rights and responsibilities. Read More